Born in Latiano, Brindisi (Italy) in 1944, world-famous designer Carlo Pignatelli is especially renowned for his men's formal attire. More than 40 years have passed since he began his career in the studios of well-known tailors, learning the art of couture. Pignatelli’s style of tailoring has clearly distinguished him since his very first collections of men and women’s formal apparel. It is the field of formal apparel and bridal wear that the designer has revolutionised. His creativity and constant demand for innovation steered him towards a re-designing of the stylistic form and content in an area of fashion that is so deeply rooted in tradition.

It is with deep respect for the tradition of tailor-made garments that Pignatelli made his first men’s collection by hand for its début in Turin in 1980. An atypical bridegroom appears on the runway: unusual lines, colours and fabrics are proposed for a man who can finally play a starring role in a ceremony that until that moment revolved exclusively around the bride. A collection of haute couture emerges for the first time in the history of men’s fashion. Carlo Pignatelli’s success begins then and there, a success destined to sweep through Italy and around the world. “For me, tailoring is about values, a unique instrument to be used on the quest for perfection and beauty on the body. My challenge is to apply it constantly to my research and creativity in such a way as to bring tradition and innovation together.”

The designer label from Turin stepped onto the runways of the Milano Collezioni Uomo fashion show (as it was called then) for the first time in 1993. The success it met with convinced the studio to adjust its production cycle by transferring some industrial techniques to its handmade procedures. The designer plans each of his collections with the help of his staff at the Carlo Pignatelli SpA headquarters in Turin. The prototypes are all made there. To this day, the atelier sews custom–made clothing for celebrities and the most discerning of clients.

1995 marks the memorable affiliation between Pignatelli and Juventus, for which he designs the football team’s official uniform. The Italian National Football team follows suit along with Olympic de Marseille (1999), Torino (2001) and Watford (2002) Football Clubs.

Today, the more than twenty Carlo Pignatelli collections, including those of his accessory line, embrace both men’s and women’s worlds.

“In each of my collections you will find a part of my formation, the art of haute couture, the careful search for quality and innovation, basic principles of this Made in Italy of ours”.


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