A desire for slowness when the whole world runs: stopping, thinking, merging with time and space to recover a more authentic dimension but, at the same time, with blurred outlines like that of a dream.

A need and an aspiration that translate the sense of the moment into a style that becomes a declaration of intent to savor the here and now without the need to draw clear boundaries. It is the triumph of the indefinite, an emotional container in which the video of the Sartoriale collection by Carlo Pignatelli explodes, “Mediterranea”, which translates into a story through images that tension towards a slow rhythm that allows you to enjoy all the beauty that, from landscape, invests the space where the Maison’s creations move fluidly.


It does not matter where, when, who: the research focuses on something to aspire to but which does not matter to define precisely to savor that sense of languor and slowness almost lulled by the movement of the sea, which is synonymous with authenticity and fullness of living. Thus she and he merge as indistinct entities but, for this same reason, they perfectly express their essence amplified by what they wear in a dialogue with the natural setting. The result is a perfect crasis that comes from precise colors – whites, blues, reds – and is enchanted by the patterns created in harmony with nature, between floral ones and majolica prints.

Everything blends with everything in a narrative of suggestions, intense and poetic, made with the complicity of green and transparent water, in the dazzling light of the heat wave, kept in the architectural strength of the stone to exasperate an expressive visual that, from nature, reaches the heart of the Sartoriale collection of Carlo Pignatelli. The rhythm of the video is punctuated by the verses of “Ancient one, I’m drunk with the voice” by Eugenio Montale that transform the imaginative essence of Italian excellence contained in the frames into a pure, all-round creative emotion.