A half century of ceremonial couture creations. International success. But above all five decades of fashion that have helped write the history of costume.
The maison Carlo Pignatelli celebrates its first fifty years in great style, staging an exhibition entitled Storia di un sogno (‘History of a Dream’), presented during Sì SposaItalia bridal week.
The exhibition intertwines the personal and working life of the founder and couturier, recounting his transformation into one of the most famous and iconic names in international fashion.


The exhibition covers an area of over 500 square meters and offers a privileged view of a sequence of static and moving images that illustrate the history of a sartorial idea that became a stylistic signature. The story plays on the relationship between stage and backstage, formal and informal, fashion show and rehearsal in a continuous behind-the-scenes view that provides visitors with a fascinating and varied experience.


The installation presents a prevalence of images, many of which feature internationally famous top models shot by exceptional photographers like Michel Comte, Bob Krieger, Aldo Fallai, Roxanne Lowit and Mauro Balletti.


During the beautiful and exciting opening night of the event, held last April 6, many prominent personalities
from the world of entertainment and sport, music and cinema, as well as important buyers, friends and collaborators, came along.

testo video 50 Anni


As a unique final touch, a film that deploys a different language to elicit further meaning from the photographs and clothing,
the physical testimony of a sartorial history distinguished by innovation and quality in all its forms.

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